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Just thought i would share this letter that was received from Mr Jones who is the current owner of St Nicholas Priory, or as we know it The Halfway House. Here is what Mr Jones had to say.
Dear My Beautiful Ealing
I found your site after we acquired St Nicholas Priory from the League Against Cruel Sports in May 2009. As you point out the property had changed significantly since the making of Halfway House but we have since restored it to the point where is pretty much as you see it in the film.
You may already know that the site has been in continuous occupation since 1150 with the main house being built around 1550 following the dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII in 1536 and parts of the old Priory can be seen in the walls and yard of the current property.  The Monuments where the landlord whistles to the birds is still there and in excellent condition.
Best wishes
Yours sincerely
Full Name withheld.
St Nicholas Priory.

THE DEAD OF NIGHT UPDATE I can declare that the hospital in this film noted as the "Park Clinic" is in fact Ravenscourt Park Hospital in Hammersmith London. Please read Dead Of Night Page for more information.

Halfway House Limited Edition released by Studio Canal Video.
Deluxe Digital Mr Bearman, Has told me that the provisional release of The Halfway House, is earmarked for the 20th June 2011. Studio Canal state that this is only a provisional release at the moment.

Mr Bearman Senior Colorist at Deluxe Digital In London, here is what he had to say on the subject.
Deluxe Digital London, were supplied a 35mm Black and White Print which we scanned at 2k. At this stage the film is now a high resolution digital copy. I then graded the element, and passed this to our restoration team who used 2 processes. The first is an automated pass to remove dirt/dust. The next process is manual which involves two operators working through the film frame by frame removing marks, dirt, scratches etc. Not all the damage can be removed, but the version will look a lot cleaner than the print supplied.

Check details to purchase here:

Shame On Studio Canal for Blocking The Video Went The Day Well On YouTube. This had carefully constructed footage of the village scenes today compared with those of the time in which the film was made. By blocking that Video you STUDIO CANAL have lost original pictures of which I went to great pains to get. However I still have the original stills somewhere and this video will be back up. However next time I will not make the mistake of going through YouTube. Understand that in no way was any content uploaded for the reasons of financial gain it was for educational purposes. A link was also given where by this film could be purchased from yourselves. A Labor of Love Website of which you attempted to destroy. Should you wish to contact me and discuss any copyright claim I am all ears. Understand that as you will read above Deluxe Digital London contacted me direct to discuss the print they were working on The Halfway House. I do hope that you do not block that video on YouTube. I think I deserve a little more credit for my hard work on this website In that I have taken the time to keep these classic films alive. I have not dented your finances, In fact in some ways I have added to them.


Hi there everyone I am so sorry that I have not been back here to update anything on the wonderful Website. Two of the locations used in the Halfway House were quickly visited on the 03/07/2016. These were only quick visits as was just passing through.  I am again going back to these locations before the year is out on an invited basis by the owners. I will update the Halfway House part of this website hopefully the end of 2016. May I just give thanks to everyone who have and still continue to support My Beautiful Ealing. Also the many who have written kindly concerning the hard work that went into My Beautiful Ealing. We are “Well Established” The beginning of My Beautiful Ealing is as true today as the day it first began. It is a gem, it’s as rare and as much beautiful as the movies it relates to. Thank you to Mr & Mrs Hutter, Of course I will be back soon. 

Webmaster For MyBeautifulEaling.

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