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The Halfway House 1944/1945  Is for me one of the best films Ealing Studio's have ever made besides The Dead Of Night amongst other productions it is not too widely known. In this day and age many will not even know what the film is about. The tale involves a number of people who are brought to The Halfway House who have troubles of one kind or another.

Its Ghostly occupants being the Inn keeper and his daughter played by Mervyn Johns and his real life daughter Glynis Johns seem to have some way of relieving the suffering endured by a couple who have lost their son during World War 2, A couple who are having a difficult time coping with their relationship split and end up through someone's personal might to get them back together at The Halfway House.

This story is set in a place called Cymbach Wales during WWII and probably is the best British Vintage film i have ever seen.

Unfortunately not too many people know of this film and many have never seen it or if you have and have tried to get it i understand that you have found this a most difficult task considering it has never been released into the mainstream on VHS or DVD but time may change that.

I really do hope so as this British Vintage film is a gem and not many films even by today's standards have come any where near.

The Cast Mervyn Johns Rhys, Glynis Johns Gwyneth, Sally Ann Howes Joanna French, Richard Bird Richard French, Valerie White Jill French, Francoise Rosay Alice Meadows, Tom Walls Captain Harry Meadows, Guy Middleton Captain Fortescue, Alfred Drayton William Oakley, Esmond Knight David Davies, Philippa Hiat Margaret, Pat McGrath Terence.

Directed By Basil Dearden, Suggested By The Play "The Peaceful Inn" By Denis Ogden.

Now as said  there is very little about this film available. But if you have access to the net which you must have or you would not be reading this you will know that there is information about but very little of it but i aim to change this and bring to you what information i have managed to gain from interviews with different members of the public as well as other key people who have had some link in some way with either the making of this film or some which have learned only recently that their dwelling or land was used as part of the films production and have shown a keen interest to help me solve a number of puzzles.

What i will state is that there has been some confusion as to where the actual shots were taken with Oakley & Fortescue standing on top of a very beautiful scenic area. Many have stated this is Dunkerry Hill in fact most of the filming was done at Portlock Hill. The scene where Fortescue is looking out accross the beautiful landscape he is looking towards Dunkerry Hill from Portlock. You can see in the actual film that there are two high hillsides in the distance which are joined somewhere in the middle by a large forest of trees cut literally between both hillsides. I have been up on both Portlock and Dunkerry and the only place you can veiw this scene is ontop Portlock hill looking towards Dunkerry hill. The scene which shows Oakley & Fortescue racing down a hill on a bicycle is in fact Portlock Hill Scenic route and not Dunkerry Hill.

Captain Harry & Alice Meadows are seen riding their horse and trap at a scenic location this was in fact the scenic route which is used as an alternative to the very steep entrance or exit from Portlock hill.

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The Halfway House Locations.

The film is based around a fictional story set allegedley in Cwmbach Wales but what Cwmbach is a mystery. As we have approx three Cwmbach's to choose from. Unfortunately what is certainly known and now well understood is that a good deal of the locations used were around the Exmoor region in Devon. I can understand why this area was chosen as it is very much like Wales the scenery is beautiful especially when the weather allows the sun to put its hat on. The acting within this film was first class and all members of the film crew as well as the cast have made a truly magnificent film here which many Directors today have not come any where near.

But let us concentrate around the original house The Halfway House as it was called is now owned by The League Against Cruel Sports Ltd and is called St.Nicholas Priory Estate. It would not be in my interests or for the now owners for me to reveal exactly where this location is.

(No longer Owned By The League Against Cruel Sports)

As with many locations approx 62 years on things are going to look somewhat different then probably they did back then. But many landscape scenes really have not changed that much.

If you wish to ad anything to this Web site or you spot inacuracies either in the spelling or you have an interested story concerning this film then please contact me.

Have Fun and enjoy



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