The Tawny Pipit

The Tawny Pipit i know is not an Ealing film, but i just had to do this one as i have always wanted to know the location this film was made. So i decided to go ahead and research this film. However the research was no where as detailed as The Halfway House but it was important to travel to the location used for filming.

Most of the Filming was done in Lower Slaughter In the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. However there are some scenes that also may have been filmed in Upper Slaughter.
It does appear that both churches in Lower and Upper Slaughter were used but the interior scenes were shot in studios.
The Church in Lower Slaughter was used in the closing scenes of the film but a scale model of this church was used, also if you look closely you will notice the church spire is all wrong. The aircraft which flies over was not a real aircraft and was also a scale model prop.

In the film you will see the local village pub and i have compared this pub with that of what it looks like today, the only difference now is that the doorway which used to be in the middle at the front has been bricked up, It is quite easy to see where the new bricks are where the doorway would have been.
Also in the footage from the film you will see that there is a window into a room in the attic which has been removed so that now the roof is sealed.

The house at in the background behind the gentleman sat at the table outside the pub has gained two windows to a room or rooms, The main windows as with the pub have long since been changed so there is not really that much which is outstanding that one would say "Ah that's where the Pub was"  This is indeed the building used in the film and that i have no doubts about.
Still have fun to look through the video and if there are any questions concerning other locations that definitely were used in this film or something else concerning this film you would like me to take a look at by all means let me know.

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